The Divine Force Unveils Enemies, More Playable Character, Plus Gameplay In New Trailer

The new trailer features game elements for The Divine Force, including introducing playable characters and factions. Vyrians are introduced along with their English and Japanese voice actors/actresses. Vyrians have advanced technology at their finger tips and we learn they are connected to the Empire. They’re pretty easy to spot as they have bluish/purplish skin which makes them stand out. These are some of the villains fighting over D.U.M.A. which sort of resemble a cross between Roegadyn and Elozen from Final Fantasy 14 but with horns.

Playable Character – Malkya
Also revealed is a race called the Trathen, Malkya being their leader. She is seen on the battlefield using melee attacks but what makes her unique is that she can bridge the gap between her and an enemy by extending her arms/hands. This also let’s her share her HP with other allies, giving them a quick heal. The footage shows her bizarre swipes at foes, making for some interesting gameplay as she can reach from a distance.

Skills and D.U.M.A
Playable characters of course can be leveled up and will gain skills unlocked through the skill tree. Active Skills provide an advantage over battles such as Hide which will allow players to stop the enemy from targeting the character. While Passive Skills such as No Guard will cause the character to not flinch as long as the damage is below a certain amount.

There’s also an interesting robotic ally called D.U.M.A., which can be levelled by collecting gems and allocating them in skills. This ally can add a number of benefits to adventuring including masking footsteps range, reducing VA gauge when using shield and more. This means you can customise your robot friend to your liking. It can even detach itself from the character to provide buffs to the whole team with Estery Guage.

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