Soulstice Demo Impressions – May Cry Reimagined

Soulstice is a tale of two sisters who have been reborn as a Chimera to combat the forces of evil in the Holy Kingdom of Keidas. Terrifying creatures from the Veil such as the Wraiths, Corrupted, and Possessed have invaded the world in search of beings to consume. What makes this difficult to stomach is that those who have been infected will turn into former shells of themselves. They too will attack the living, sparing no one.

Soulstice Demo Impressions – Wraiths from the Veil

Enter Briar and Lute. After being given another chance to live through an unspeakable ritual, Briar was granted specialized strength and speed and thus, acts as the frontliner between the two with the ability to fight against enemies in the physical world. Lute’s body, on the other hand, was sacrificed in order to bind their souls together. This resulted in her becoming a ghost and gaining mystical powers, allowing her to manipulate the forces of the Ethereal to combat other creatures.

Soulstice Demo Impressions – Intro Cinematic

You play as both sisters whose goal is to restore balance by reclaiming the crumbling City of Ilden since they are the only ones capable of defeating the savage monsters but it is not as simple as it seems. The Order who leads the Chimeras is preparing for something bigger, a grand plan that has yet to be discovered by its members, including Briar and Lute. Will you be able to successfully work together to not only fight back against these creatures of the dark but also have the courage to know who you truly are?

Soulstice’s visuals are reminiscent of art styles seen in Devil May Cry and the anime, Claymore. The hack and slash Action-Adventure RPG is grim and gritty featuring environments depicting a deteriorating city. You will immediately notice collapsed brick buildings, death and decay permeating beyond its walls, as well as structures set on fire. These are harrowing portrayals of the invasion, which has destroyed what’s left of Keidas.

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