Marvel’s Midnight Suns New Trailer Focuses On The Hunter

We also get a tease of the story, with The Hunter wanting to stop her mother Lilith. Of course this is not going to be easy not just physically, but emotionally as she will need to challenge her own mother who is on the side of Hydra. The Hunter doesn’t quite share mum’s evil motives as she is raised by Lilith’s sister Caretaker, as weapon meant to oppose Lilith. There’s even a moment where she confronts her demon dog “Charlie” which looks to provide comic relief, to break up some of the serious storyline.

Midnight Suns was supposed to release this year in October, but was subsequently later pushed to 2023, expected to release sometime before March. The game is expected to be Firaxis’ “biggest game” yet according to the developer, which sounds like it’s quite the project. The Hunter looks to be an interesting character, with her own demon-esque abilities being the spawn of Lilith. I wonder if Lilith will try to tempt her to the dark side?

Author: b1rb1l3n

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