Sony Interactive Entertainment Will Acquire Savage Game Studios For Playstation Studios Mobile Division

The newly formed Playstation Studios Mobile Division will be operating independently from the console development side. The new division will focus on “innovative, on-the-go experiences” within existing Playstation franchises.

The company has announced that they will be taking on Savage Game Studios which was founded in June 2020. The studio has developed a number of mobile games and has many years of experience. The studio’s current project is a “AAA mobile live action game”.

According to co-founders Nadjim Adjir and Michael McManus, they chose to join Playstation Studios as they believe they respect their “vision”. It also gives the studio access to a number of different intellectual properties.

Sony making a mobile division means we’ll probably be seeing some more mobile spinoffs of their IPs. This opens the door to many opportunities going forward for mobile games. Mobile titles are ever-growing, and are a big segment to hit gaming-wise. Just looking at titles such as Genshin Impact and more recently Tower of Fantasy, Sony could be hitting a mass market, after all, don’t you have phones? A hybrid game that comes out on both Playstation and mobile as an Sony IP could be very beneficial for company, especially if it sees the success these aforementioned titles have had.

Even long-running franchise such as Final Fantasy 7 branched into free-to-play mobile titles with Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier and Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis.

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