The Last Case Of Benedict Fox Preview – Everything We Know So Far

Gamescom 2022 has been a great event to showcase a long list of intriguing games with unique features to offer. One of them is the winner of the Most Wanted Microsoft Xbox Game Award, and it is none other than The Last Case of Benedict Fox. In this Action-Adventure, we meet the player character who feels compelled to travel to a mansion filled with dark secrets of the past. Upon entering the premises, he becomes immediately bound to a demon companion whose motivations are questionable yet advantageous in certain respects.

Benedict Fox and the Demon Companion

You then head to the Library where a piece of paper with ancient language catches your attention. Studying it closer reveals that the note talks about a Forgotten Ritual, and to understand it further, you will have to retrieve the corresponding pages as well.

Going back to your companion, he will not only provide you with demonic skills in addition to your weapons but will also grant you the ability to travel to Limbo to peer into the minds of the dead. Doing so lets you venture into your father’s subconscious to assume the role of a detective – Benedict Fox himself. His death has led you to investigate the secrets that he kept from you all of these years. In one of the trailers, you literally read the last case of Benedict Fox involving a certain “James Marvin Lloyd” with the description written as, “Possible relationship to subject (Father)”.

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