Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Gameplay Trailer Shows Off The Game’s Fast-Paced Action Combat

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty’s fights are quick and brutal, and extremely stylish due to the acrobatic movements that the character can perform. They will take up arms against both man and beast, and everything mythical in between. Great sound effects and visual feedback also further create a heightened sense of weight and impact in its fights.

Swordplay is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to weaponry. We will also have access to glaives, and more. The game is also heavily based on Chinese Martial Arts and was even motion captured using real experts.

No Time to Rest
According to game producers Fumihiko Yasuda and Masaaki Yamagiwa, the game will not have a stamina bar like in Nioh games. Players will have to make split decisions about whether to evade or go on the offensive. Removing the stamina resource entirely will remove one more thing that the player will need to keep track of, resulting in a more focused encounter.

This is a good thing, considering the trailer footage is so fast-paced. Removing the Stamina Bar will eliminate the downtime that usually comes with waiting for the bar to fill up. Players no longer need to dance around the combat area while waiting for their dodge to finally become available again!

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