Biomorph Soulslike Metroidvania Reveals Action-Packed Combat Style

In Biomorph, you not only fight horrific monsters but also take their form to make use of their powers. It is a creative spin since shapeshifting into foes will grant you abilities that you would otherwise have no access to at all. You can also reach certain areas that used to be previously inaccessible because of your newfound borrowed skills.

What’s worth mentioning here is that shapeshifting amplifies the game’s already impressive combat pace. The world learns the same way as you do, creating a simple yet interesting AI system. Every time you transform into an enemy, the same one that spawns in that area will now become upgraded versions of themselves with even more powerful abilities.

The Morphing Ability

This thereby means they come back stronger to haunt you when you revisit previously explored sections, which is a staple of the Metroidvania genre. It is a very neat and unique idea because every fight will continue to feel fresh and challenging since the enemies become more resilient when you make the decision to inhabit their bodies.

Moreover, the trailer illustrates the different level designs of platforming puzzles together with the enemies you will be going up against. What’s immediately noticeable is how incredibly snappy these encounters are because of your character’s and the enemy’s instant response times. Not only does the gameplay look exquisitely beautiful and meticulously well-crafted but also, the combat is fast-paced and punchy, making for an invigorating experience that will surely pull in a larger audience.

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